The Story So Far

(Alright guys, here goes.)

In the beginning, our four heroes Mando, David, Alec, and Tanner woke up one morning to find they were to be given an honor. To serve as the champions of their hometown; Swathmore at the upcoming tournament in Radiance. They were told to clean the rats out of an old temple on the top of a hill, but when they got there, they found a bit more than rats waiting for them. After some odd spider imagery, a mysterious folding ladder, and a bucket of eyeballs, our heroes got lost in the woods chasing a mysterious horseman. They found an oddly radiant purplish-blue pool. Mando took a bath and was fine, but Tanner’s Chick didn’t feel too hot. When they finally got back to the temple, the whole town was waiting for them, and a feast was prepared.

The heroes (excluding Tanner) thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the feast, but when they awoke, a horserider strangely resembling the on they had chased earlier appeared, and with haste took them across the lake of beginnings on the road to Radiance. After a near-deadly fight with some Elves, the heroes made it to the capital city intact. There was a ball, and while all of the group had fun, Tanner’s Chick mysteriously disappeared after leaving the ball with a [[famous senator’s]] son. The remaining heroes panicked, for they would not be allowed to participate without a fourth member of the group.

Enter Sam’s Guy, an aide to Royal Adviser Arsenfell. He fills the spot, and they win the first two matches. That night they are ambushed by strange mask-wearing bandits atop the roof of a burned-out bar. After defeating the masked fighters, they discover a table with magic items covering it. Freshly equipped, they go to the meeting grounds the next day, to find the tournament has been canceled due to the disappearance of a certain famous senator’s son. The group is chosen by raffle, and (no way) the group that is chosen is the Grate Foor. Honored by Arsenfell himself (as the King is sick) the group is introduced to the Furious Five, who hold a small party for them. The heroes are then told to go to bed, for they begin training in the morning…




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